The Employer applies to Ministry of Labour of his country for permission to recruit foreign workers. After that the case is submitted to the Ministry of Interior for processing Visa permission and then finally the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (of Employer's Country) approves Visa which is ultimately sent to their Embassy in Pakistan for issuance of an Employment Visa with immediate intimation of Visa details to us by the employer with a copy of the visas and Authority Letter.

For getting the Visas endorsed from the Embassy / Consulate, apart from Power of Attorney, a letter of Authority as per specimen duly attested from the foreign Office and Chamber of Commerce of the Country of Employment is required which must be sent along with Demand Letter by the employer to us.

Note:- A fresh Demand Letter and Authority Letter would be issued every time when a new order for manpower would be laced to us.
All countries have different regulations and systems while processing Employment Visa. However, for example we have to submit the following documents to Saudi Arabian Embassy at the time of applying for getting Employment Visa endorsed.

  1. Employment Visa forms in duplicate.

  2. 2 Passport size photographs of the applicant.

  3. Power of Attorney (Photocopy) of Employer in the name of agency.

  4. Medical Fitness Certificates of the applicant.

  5. Religion Certificate

Character, Medical, Education, Service and Religion Certificates are all will be attested by a Class - I Gazetted Officer or an Oath Commissioner, Counter - signed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan. Only the Character Certificate is additionally countersigned by the Regional Manager, Employment Exchange, Karachi. These are the strict requirements of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Embassy/Consulate in Karachi. Pakistan.
Only after completing these formalities, a person is granted employment Visa for Saudi Arabia.


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